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A Distinctive Style Magazine Feature


Yo yo yo!

Check out this beautiful online magazine: http://adistinctivestyle.com/, which has featured my work in their March, 2009 edition. The feature is on pages 34-35, which you can scroll to directly, or go to the second page, where there's an all-visual table of contents; click on the image of my painting on the wall, left of the gal with the zoolander pose...

I will post the feature under my interviews and press archive soon for posterity...

While you're there, do yourself a favor and take some time to peruse; there is so much beauty, so much inspiration in the magazine...I was actually moved to tears.

Many thanks to A Distinctive Style's publisher, Denise Marie for her kindness, support and enthusiasm for my work.

Big love to all,




Love, Limericks and LA LA Land



Hi y’all,

As always, there’s much phenomena unfolding in the outer world this lovely/dreary springtime, and especially for the good folks here at Erica Steiner Fine Art (meaning: me, zee artiste, Mochi, my studio-dwelling kitty-cat, and Aaron (a.k.a “Jo-Jo,”) my faithful sweetie who helps me to wrestle paintings in and out of my car and road warrior our way bravely up and down the California coast).

First, I am excited to be a part of what should be an awesome four- person show, featuring Serge Armando, Lino Martinez, Matteo and myself at Continental Gallery in downtown LA, courtesy of the good people at Phantom Galleries LA and Edgar Varela Fine Arts. This is a HUGE space, and will include the lion's share of my current and available work. The opening is Thursday night, March 12th,  from 5-10pm,  part of the downtown LA artwalk; all info is posted on my events calendar page.  Aaron (a.k.a. "Oso Pajamas" a.k.a. "Jo-jo" (above)) and I will be making the trip down for the opening, so if you’re in the area, take a night off and come and hang out with us!

Also in LA, I have a piece in what promises to be a very cool show, “High Strangeness” at the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, curated by Donald James Krieger, who describes the concept of the show as follows:

The term “high strangeness” originates from the world of UFOlogy. The term describes phenomena that has been widely reported and even documented, yet can never seem to be proved scientifically as existing. The show collects a group of artists who are influenced by this body of alternative knowledge. The work in this show reflects an interest in the numinous, the luminous, the uncanny and the unexplained. Most of the work in the show does not deal directly with these issues, but uses them as a sort of matrix from which the work springs. The work is in a variety of mediums, to signal that the ideas behind the work is a unifying aspect. The exhibition space is being transformed into a series of experiential zones, with work in a variety of mediums playing off of each other.

Participating Artists:
Laurel Beckman, Heather Carson, Dorit Cypis, Dana Duff, Paul Evans, Juan Gomez, Norma Jones, Donald Krieger, Carl Smith, Erica Steiner, Jeffrey Vallance, World Imitation Productions

Krieger has chosen a piece from the “Planetary Memory” series, which, to me, seems like an exciting and natural choice. Info, again, on my events calendar page, and on the postcard below (click the thumbnail).

Click the thumbnail to see the postcard image for "High Strangeness" at Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, in LA.

So, friends, that's the haps for now. Thanks so much for your ongoing interest, and for supporting and engaging with the arts. As always, please feel free to contact me at ericasteiner@gmail.com with any questions, thoughts, comments, or if you’d like to sing me a song or write me a limerick. I’m game.

Peace, love and art,







Holiday 2008 Update


Apologies, all, for the lag time since my last posting. I've got a lot going on, as we all seem to during the holidays, so I'll keep this brief, and promise to tell more soon.

The Basics:

Flesh and Bone, the group show at Madrone Lounge in San Francisco that opened in September (featuring eleven artists and 10 of my pieces), is up and ongoing through the end of January. It's a really good show, worth a look. www.madronelounge.com for details.

Also, look out for my work at Reaves Gallery in San Francisco, beginning in January, 2009. Reaves Gallery is a lovely boutique gallery in Hayes Valley, 235 Gough Street, @ Hickory, between Oak and Fell. www.reavesgallery.com

I have a solo show upcoming at the San Mateo Civic Gallery (City Hall), in March-April. I will post dates and other info on my event calendar, as well as a reception date, as the date grows closer. Thanks to San Mateo City Arts, who awarded me the show; I believe strongly in the value of art in public spaces, and I am looking forward to this opportunity to share my work with a new audience, beyond gallery walls.

In Los Angeles, Edgar Varela Fine Arts continues to cook up solo shows--two are in the works as of now for 2009--and other opportunities to showcase my work. I will post more info as soon as I have confirmation. In the meantime, those in the LA area can make a private appointment with Edgar to see my work: 213-494-7608. www.edgarvarelafinearts.com.

And, although I will make a formal announcement next fall, I can't help but share the exciting news that a specialty line of snowboards based on my paintings is currently in the works...to be released worldwide in the fall of 2009! More info to come later in the year.

Lastly, I just wanted to give you all the heads-up that my newly updated and revamped website, featuring (at long last), my most recent paintings, will be launched shortly. It'll be at the same url, www.ericasteiner.com...but cooler and more user-friendly. Will send out a mailing when it is officially up and running...I can't wait!

Thanks so much for your ongoing interest and enthusiasm in my work...it means so much. Wishing you all wonderful holidays and a happy new year.



White Noise and Gratitude


Hi kids,

Well, it was a wild summer, and my show in LA at Edgar Varela Fine Arts was awesome--thanks so much to all who came out! Special thanks to Kristi Collacott for writing such a fantastic article (scroll down to the next entry for the link) and to Citizen LA Magazine for publishing it, to my Dad and Rita and my wonderful friends Gale and Julianna for driving in from far and near (Gale in her rental car from Tuscon, Julianna in her big orange truck from Silverlake), to my sweetie, Aaron, for supporting me and loving me and being there with me every step of the way (especially in the sweltering heat of the Bakersfield summer while we waited for AAA!). And extra special thanks to Edgar Varela for his hard work and dedication in support and promotion of my work. I am grateful and honored!

Now I am back home, enjoying the Indian summer (our true summer here in the coastal environs of San Francisco), and am back in the studio teasing a new series of paintings from the white-noise-ethers into physical form...and so it goes! As for my currently available work, it is residing in the backroom at Edgar Varela Fine Arts (in downtown Los Angeles), and is available for viewing by appointment (www.edgarvarelafinearts.com for contact info). In terms of upcoming events, Edgar is busily cooking up solo shows for me in 2008 and 2009; dates and gallery locations will be posted on my events calendar as soon as they are available. I also will have a few pieces in a group show, Flesh and Bone, at Madrone Lounge in San Francisco coming up in September. Below is the flyer & info...sorry it's so small, I'm trying to get a hold of a bigger version. Details are also posted in the events calendar section of this blog.

Me thinks that's it for now, but there are always events, projects, ideas, and inspirations brewing, so check back often, and keep in touch!




Summertime greetings all,

Just wanted to take a moment tonight to share with you a wonderful article on my work in the July edition of Citizen LA Magazine. It's titled "Erica Steiner: Can Art Still Be Beautiful?" and was the result of a long, lively afternoon spent in conversation with writer Kristi Collicott, who managed to get at the core of my work, ideas and approach to painting in a much more penetrating and insightful way than I had ever been able to articulate in my many attempts. You can find it online at http://www.citizenla.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=440
or if you're in the LA area, pick up a copy around town (they're free).

As it happens, the article was written in promotion of my upcoming July/August solo show at Edgar Varela Fine Arts in downtown LA (www.edgarvarelafinearts.com), for which I have just a couple weeks ago completed a new body of work that I am really excited about.  For those of you in the LA area, I hope you'll stop by the opening next Saturday night the 19th, 7-11pm, and partake. For those of you who for whom LA is a distant land, if you know anyone in the area you think might enjoy the work, I would be hugely appreciative if you would spread the word. Thank you so much for your ongoing support!


Exhibitions, Press

Edgar Varela Fine Arts/ Junglerush Gallery Solo Show


Hi kids,

Now that the recent heat wave has abated (hallelujah!) and the fog has come mercifully in, I'm feeling like I might be able to once again think straight and maybe even form coherent sentences (!). So I thought I'd take a moment out from painting to catch you up on the latest...


The big news is that I am now officially working with independent Los Angeles-based art dealer, curator, and gallery owner Edgar Varela, under the auspices of Edgar Varela Fine Arts (EVFA). Varela is a vital presence in the burgeoning downtown LA art scene, "dedicated to the goal of finding emerging and mid-career artists and bringing them to the forefront of the art world." I am thrilled and honored to be among a select group of artists working with EVFA, and am looking forward to working with Edgar and his people to grow the visibility of my work in the Los Angeles art market. (Check out EVFA at www.edgarvarelafinearts.com).


My first show through EVFA is fast approaching, and I am currently up-to-my-eyeballs in paint preparing for it (almost literally: I just looked in the mirror and found a smear of green paint across my face!). Workplace hazards notwithstanding, I will have a bunch of new paintings ready for  the show, my first solo show in LA (yay!). And, I'm very happy to report, I'm really in love with this new work--I feel my work has really made a leap this last year--and I can’t wait to share it!  So, if you’re in the area, I hope you'll come out for it, and spread the word to your friends.

I also have a couple of group shows coming up, including one at the over-the-top groovy/gorgeous Hotel Triton in downtown San Francisco. Details on both shows are below.

Upcoming shows:

July 19-August 10, 2008
OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, July 19th, 7pm-11pm

Edgar Varela Fine Arts, Solo Show www.edgarvarelafinearts.com
542 S. Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA

May 14 to June 25, 2008, Just Imagine

RECEPTION: Tuesday, June 3, 5 – 7pm
Mezzanine Gallery at Hotel Triton
342 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA

As always, new events are always in the works, including further upcoming shows curated by EVFA around the LA area, as well as my first Midwestern gig at 1301 Gallery in Omaha, Nebraska. So please check back. Events can always be found through my blog (linked to from my website, www.ericasteiner.com), and on my myspace page, www.myspace.com/ericasteinerstudios

Thanks so very much for your encouragement and support. Please don't hesitate to email with any questions, and feel free to lay some love on me by leaving a comment...




Redefine Magazine, Spring 2008


Check out this write-up on my work in the newest edition of Redefine Magazine!

"Erica Steiner's amazingly detailed oil paintings serve as a merging point for many freestanding design styles. A heavy focus on nature and landscapes come into play, but don't expect any static paintings here. Steiner's works ripple with waves of decorated gold leaf, Victorian-inspired florals, nearly psychedelic coloring, and detailed ornamentation. Her newest paintings, shown here, are called Reverie: Meditations on an Ornamental World, and the name cannot be more suitable. "Whether this impulse is made manifest in the form of an everyday act like putting on jewelry, or in an overt act of ritual, such as the adornment of a religious icon with flower garlands, we as humans are ubiquitously driven to decorate our world, to sanctify it, and to beautify it with ornament," Steiner says, explaining the idea behind this body of work. Where Chinese and Japanese landscape painting, Tibetan Buddhist textiles, and medieval Catholic illumination manuscripts may sound a little dated, Steiner manages to incorporate these ancient, ornate styles into something refreshing for the modern age."

And a plug for the magazine from yours truly: 

Based in Seattle but distributed widely nationwide, Redefine is packed with covetous art (and music too) rendered in yummy/glossy, colorful pics, not to mention, really good writing. You can check out their website, www.redefinemag.com, to sample the vibe, but having just gotten my first copy in the mail, ain't no substitute for the in-yr-hand real thing. To that end, on their website you'll find a comprehensive list of bookstores, shops, etc. around the country where you can pick up a copy of your own (it's worth it, if you are one of the art-obsessed...I'm gonna get a subscription!). Special thanks to Vivian Hua of Redefine for her support and for offering up this thoughtful reflection of my work.




I tend to be neglectful of uploading pictures from the shows I do...or of taking pictures of these shows at all. It always seems like a last priority in the moment, but when it's over, there we are, no pictures, and the show having disappeared like the sand mandala that it was. As my friend Gina (and Martin Scorsese) would say, 'things change, Kundun.'  But I've found some images online, and thought I'd post them here now, to try to make up for all those times when I've been remiss. Come to think of it, these are actually shows I missed altogether, shows that took place in exotic, faraway places like LA and Portland. So, let's experience these shows from which we were absent, presently now, together. Virtual experience, brought to you courtesy of the world wild web. (Note: for information about current shows, scroll down to the next entry, or check out the link to my events calendar at right.)

The Love Show opening, Launchpad Gallery, Portland Oregon (ongoing through February, 2008):






Gallery Revisited, That Show 2, Los Angeles, winter, 2007:







Hi kids, 

Artsy-fartsy Erica is busy fortifying her heretofore funkily maintained new casa with sandbags, tarpaulins (yes I said it, TARPAULINS...), french drains (as my friend Jack says, they're french...you can't afford 'em) and the like...lest my man, my kitty and I float on down the hill and out to sea. Just heard we're in for another week of storms...apparently Mama Gaia is in need of some catharting (ain't we all though, really?!)!  Maybe we should stop trying to shore up our flooding garage, and build ourselves an ark...

So I'll keep this one short and sweet. I have shows happening in the now/ upcoming in February at the venues listed below. Please refer to my events calendar for detailed information and web links...gallery websites should have dates, hours, location, and all other pertinent info, or feel free to drop me a line at erica@ericasteiner.com.


Big Umbrella Studios (San Francisco) Meet the Artists...thru mid-feb

Launchpad Gallery (Portland, Oregon) The Love Show...thru the end of feb

Felix Kulpa Gallery (Santa Cruz, CA) We Are Felix...through the end of feb

Truxtop Gallery (LA)...Winter Wanderland...comes down sometime in January...not exactly sure when (check the website)

San Mateo City Hall Art Gallery (San Mateo, Bay Area, CA) Red...thru mid-february

FYI, I'm going deep into the studio for a while, to give birth to this next series. I'll catch you all when I resurface...from my subterranean studio, which hopefully will not become submarine before winter's done. Ooooohhh....the lights just flickered...pray for us, now and in the hour when our power goes out!







THE BIG MOVE...and shows


Dear friends,

It’'s been a while since I've been in touch-- things have been super busy! I’m very happy to announce that I just (three weeks ago) moved back up the coast to the Bay Area, compelled by the arrival of my new baby niece and a desire to be nearer to my long time home of San Francisco. My work will continue to appear around Santa Cruz, however, at Felix Kulpa Gallery, the Hide, and elsewhere, so if you'’re based in that  lovely land, I hope you’'ll continue to keep an eye out for my work.

 I also gotta take a second and give a big shout-out to San Mateo City Arts, who welcomed me to my new digs with an acceptance to their upcoming group show Red in January, 2008...and also awarded me with a solo show upcoming in 2008 at the San Mateo City Hall Art Gallery (!). Thank you to San Mateo City Arts, and to their curator, Sinem Banna. I am very honored and excited!

Despite having been up-to-my-eyeballs in bubble wrap and cardboard these past couple of months, I’'ve managed to book the following shows. I hope you'’ll mark your calendars, and feel free to help spread the word!  Thanks so much, as always, for your support.

Upcoming Shows:


Big Umbrella Studios, December Group Show
Opening: Friday, Dec. 15, 7:30pm-12am
906 and a half Dividadero St. at McAllister
Open daily 12-6; show runs Dec. 15-January 15, 2008


I have a piece in the group show at Gallery Revisited (in Silverlake) coming up in December. The show, “That Show! 2” opens tonight, this Friday, December 7, 2007. Check out www.galleryrevisited.com for details, or check out the postcard, below. You can get a sneak preview of the show if you like (I recommend it...it's pretty stunning), by clicking here.

I also have a couple of pieces in the beautiful Winter Wanderland installation at Truxtop Gallery through mid-January. Check out www.truxtopgallery.com for details, and scroll down to see the postcard image, as well as pictures from the opening.


My piece, “A Little Bird Told Me,” was selected to be in the juried group show “Red” upcoming at the San Mateo City Hall Art Gallery, in January, 2008. As stated above, I also have a solo show at the San Mateo City Hall Gallery in the 2008-2009 season by the San Mateo City Arts Council.  I will send out mailings with details prior to these openings, but for more information, check out www.ericasteiner.com, or http://www.cityarts-sm.org/.


I have three new pieces at the We Are Felix group show at Felix Kulpa Gallery, up through the end of the year (www.felixkulpa.com for hours & location info). I also have a two-person show in the works at the Hide Gallery (dates to be determined).


The Love Show, upcoming at LaunchPad Gallery in February. Aaron Castro, my husband, will also have a piece in this show. More info soon.

As always, feel free to send me an email at Erica@ericasteiner.com, and check out my website, www.ericasteiner.com, to get the lowdown on all the goings-on. Thanks again for your support, and may you all have happy, restful holidays!



First rain and into the wild blue yonder


Aloha friends (yes, the newly wintry weather has me dreaming of Hawaii),

Big change and busy-ness are afoot, so...please forgive me for keeping this brief...

Below is a list of current and soon-upcoming exhibitions. As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks so much, may peace be yours, and happy first rain...



 Upcoming/current shows:

Now through October 19, 2007, Jackson Theater Gallery, Erica Steiner: Meditations on An Ornamental World (solo show)
4400 Day School Place, adjacent to Sonoma Country Day School
Santa Rosa, CA

 September 29, 2007, Infusion Gallery, Cannibal Flower
Los Angeles, CA

October 2007, Truxtop Gallery, October Art Crawl
Los Angeles, CA

November-December 2007, Felix Kulpa Gallery, "We Are Felix"
Santa Cruz, CA
Opening reception: November 2, 5pm - 9pm
November 2 - December 29, 2007
www.felixkulpa.com for more information including location

December, 2007 (Dates TBA), Gallery Revisited, That Show Revisited (Group Show)
Los Angeles, CA
Check back for more information, or go to www.galleryrevisited.com

For a complete events calendar (including events booked into 2008), see my events calendar

Spanish poems and finding my mind in the Big Sur River




Selamat sore, orang laki-laki (That means: good afternoon, man...if I remember my Indonesian right...from my trip to Bali in 1991.  Aaaah, but I date myself)...

Although my kitty is wanting my attention (he's biting at my legs), and my paintings are wanting my attention (I'm taking a break from my studio to satisfy my online addiction), I was just googling around (satisfying said addiction) and found a couple cool links I wanted to share with you all. It seems that two Spanish speaking bloggers (not apparently related to one another) have identified me in the last couple of weeks and chosen to write about my work. I don't speak much Spanish, but managed to piece together something akin to the meanings of what they've said (thanks to my Dad and babblefish.com), and so I thought I'd pass the links along to you, in case you'd like to partake.

 The first link is: www.llamamecordelia-burbuja.blogspot.com ...scroll down to the July 14, 2007 entry, and you'll see my painting "Empyrean Forest." This image was apparently used to inspire a lovely poem, written in Spanish, which accompanies the image. What could be more yummy for an artist to find than a poem inspired by one of her pieces?!

The second link is: www.cosasdeellas.blogspot.com ...scroll down & you'll find it, and a lovely comment as well. I love that the internet avails us of the goings-on in other cultures and places that would otherwise be so distant and remote. Yay, democratizing effect of the internet!! You go!

In other news, I was going a little cuckoo this week in the studio, and took a break alongside my sweetie, to drive down the coast to Big Sur. We stopped at the River Inn, stashed our shoes on the bank, and waded into the creek. Now it may sound like a gimmick--and I guess it kinda is--but it's also brilliant, and so simple: the inn sticks these ginormously sturdy wooden chairs right into the creek, and the thing to do there is just to sit in the chairs, let your feet dangle in the water, and lose yourself in the beauty of the scene. I sat in the creek for two hours, watching the late afternoon sun filter through a dense forest. My feet turned into popsicles, but I came back feeling happy and restored. So sweet.

 Now that I'm feeling more human, I'm back in the studio and feel like I'm breaking through a new creative ceiling, which I love. Ever balancing the inner world of the studio with the outer world where the people are, I will break from my expansive creative space again in the early A.M. to travel north and then east to Sacramento, to attend my art opening at Axis Gallery. Will be staying with some of my best friends and my padre is showing up as well...should be fun. Nothing like being around the ones we love.

 If you're in the area this weekend, come by...all info is on the postcard, located in the entry below. I also have shows happening in August at The Hive in LA and Outer Edge Studio in Monterey (postcards are also below). My show at the Jackson Theater gallery in Santa Rosa--a solo show originally planned for September--has been pushed forward to October, as I have last minute family obligations to attend to.

 Thanks for your interest and support, and if you're reading this, please feel free to leave a comment and sign my guestbook. Thanks!!

 As always, take good care & make peace in the world,





Coming in late July/August


Hey friends,

Thanks for checking in. Here's a brief run-down of current happenings:

I have group shows coming up in August at Axis Gallery in Sacramento, Outer Edge Studio in Monterey, and The Hive Gallery in Los Angeles. My July shows at The Hive in LA & Hide Gallery in Santa Cruz will also be up through the end of July (contact galleries for specifics; all info is on the blog entries preceding this one). My online solo show at www.art-on-line.net is up through the end of July, and thereafter will be archived permanently under the "past shows" section of this wonderful UK-based site. I also have a solo show coming up in September at the Jackson Theater gallery in Santa Rosa; more details to come.

Before I say more, I gotta take a second to plug the Camille Rose Garcia show at the San Jose Museum of Art. I was there over the weekend and I'm dizzy from  it. I think it's up through September...so stop by if you can. Even if you don't dig Lowbrow, it's an awesome achievement. Bigger than life, powerfully enchanting, highly political, stunningly beautiful and deeply disturbing.

Anyway, back to the bizness at hand: below are the postcards/details for my upcoming shows in August. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks so much, dear friends, for loving art and this vida loca.



For a preview of the works in the Axis Gallery show, click here. If you're anywhere near Sacramento in August,  I hope you'll stop by and have a peek. I think it's going to be an exceptional show, from what I've seen of the work.



AND check it out, this Friday night, July 27th, & throughout August:















Aaron's in there too, though his name didn't make it on the flyer.

Also coming in August at The Hive Gallery in LA: aughivegalleryfront.jpg                                                                                                                                                        


 Aaron & I both also have pieces in this show. Unfortunately we won't be able to be at the reception, but if you're in the area, we hope you'll stop by. Check out www.hivegallery.com for more information & a complete list of artists.

Thanks so much for checking in!


On the Road Again...Saturday night at the Hive Gallery in LA


Hi y'all,

I have been busy as a bee! Had a great trip to LA last weekend. Both Aaron (www.aaroncastro.com) and I had pieces in Cannibal Flower Traveling Group Show at Infusion Gallery & drove down to check out the scene...really liked the vibe,  the art & the people who run it (always a plus). We also connected with the good people at the Hive Gallery in downtown LA & they were generous enough to offer both Aaron & myself places in both the July & August shows. The Hive is a good outfit, filled to the rafters with good art, and we're  happy to be on board with them. So, fasten yr seatbelts, we'll be hittin the 101 again Saturday morning, for the 12 hour roundtrip drive from our fair Santa Cruz fairyland to the crazy-fun/apocalyptic playground that is LA. We should be arriving, if all goes according to plan, with plenty of time to make the Saturday night opening...so if you're in the area, we encourage you to come out and play with us!

The details are as follows: Saturday night, July 7thy, from 8pm-12:30 am. Location: The Hive Gallery, 729 S. Spring St., Los Angeles. Details are on the postcard below, or check out www.thehivegallery.com.


























Other stuff happening in the now:

~I'm the featured artist this month for the beautiful London-based online art gallery, www.art-on-line.net. They've done a great job presenting my work & are promoting me all over myspace...makes me feel so loved & supported! :)

~Outer Edge Invasion, the Print & Poster Show curated by Andrew Jackson of Monterey's Outer Edge Studio, is up through the end of July at the Hide Gallery in downtown Santa Cruz. If you're in Santa Cruz & haven't been yet, check it out...the Hide is always a groovy spot to hang in & look at all the art & sparkly jewelry & hipster gear. More info at www.hidegallery.com.

~The members show at Pajaro Valley Art Center in Watsonville is up through July 22. www.pvarts.org. This is a good show, worth a look.

Group shows coming up in late July/August include:

~Axis Gallery, Sacramento, Juried Show. For details: www.axisgallery.org

~Outer Edge Studio, Monterey, The Favorites Show. For details: www.outeredgestudio.com

~The August group show The Hive Gallery, LA (not sure of the details or show's name yet, but will keep you posted). www.thehivegallery.com

~Cannibal Flower, location to be announced, LA--IF I can get it together to get down there & have enough work! www.cannibalflower.com

I also have solo/two-person shows coming up in late 2007 & 2008 in Santa Rosa (Jackson Theater), Santa Cruz (Felix Kulpa Gallery) and Camarillo, (near Ventura, at Old World Elements Interior Design Studio).

Info on all these shows are detailed on the events calendar portion of my blog (http://ericasteiner.squarespace.com/events-calendar). And, as always, free to contact me with any questions...I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks, and enjoy the crazy-hot summer!




Southward Bound: Cannibal Flower at Infusion Gallery...and more


Hi all!

So...it looks like I'm southward bound at the end of June...to attend the traveling group show & performance phonomenon, Cannibal Flower. It's taking place at Infusion Gallery in LA on June 30th...check out the postcard below or www.cannibalflower.com for details. Both Aaron (my sweetie) and I have pieces in the show, and we'll be there checkin out the scene. If you're in the area, I hope you'll stop by and say hello.

















There have been some other exciting developments in the last couple of weeks as well...I've just been offered a solo show at Old World Elements interior design studio in Camarillo, California, outside of LA. Not sure of the date yet, but I will post it when I know. In the meantime, take a peek at their website: www.oldworldelements.com. I also had one of my larger pieces, "Crossing of the Sun" accepted into a juried show at Axis Gallery in Sacramento. It's coming up in August (dates are posted on my events calendar). I've been googling some of the other 50 or so artists accepted into the show--artists from all across the country--and they're a good crowd...am really stoked to have gotten in.   I was also offered a one month solo exhibition with a London-based online gallery, http://www.art-on-line.net/. They select some really talented and interesting artists to feature on their site, and I'm happy to be in their company. Don't know the dates yet, but as always, will post it on my events calendar when it comes around.

On the local front, my solo show at the Cayuga Vault is still up for a few more days... when exactly it will come down is still up for debate...some time between June 15-18. I just did a vanity google last night and found a blogger that had stopped into the show & snapped some photos. Click here to check out her pics.

In terms of local group shows, the Hide Gallery Print & Poster Show is up throughout June & July...if you're in downtown Santa Cruz, stop by & check it out (the postcard for the show is posted just below this entry with all the details). The Favorites show at Outer Edge Studio in Monterey is also coming up in July/August (postcard for this is one is posted below as well). I  also have a piece in the current members show at Pajaro Valley Arts Council & Gallery. I didn't make the opening, but stopped by over the weekend and was impressed with some of the creations of my fellow members. It's worth making the trip to Watsonville to check it out... And can I just say, the people there are so unbelievably sweet...the friendliest gallery attendants you'll ever meet! (Check out www.pvarts.org for more info.)


Me thinks that's it for now...will be in touch when there's more to share! Thanks!

Upcoming Show: Junglerush Spring Mixed Media Art Show


OPENING THIS SATURDAY AT JUNGLERUSH GALLERY IN LA -- Spring Mixed Media Art Show. May 12, 9pm-3am, 1001 East 1st Street, at Santa Fe Avenue, Los Angeles, CA. For more information, check out www.junglerushgallery.com. The show will be up through the end of May (specific dates TBA). Contact the gallery to inquire about private appointments.

Junglerush Gallery / www.junglerushgallery.com
1001 East 1st Street / Los Angeles, CA / 213.494.7608


Solo Show at Cayuga Vault, Santa Cruz, CA


CAYUGA VAULT—My current series of oil and gold leaf paintings, Reverie: Meditations on An Ornamental World, is on display at the Cayuga Vault in Santa Cruz, a sweet little arts space on Soquel Avenue in Santa Cruz (near the Rio Theatre), that hosts an eclectic range of music and performance. The show will be on display during scheduled events (check out www.cayugavault.com to see their calendar) or drop me an email at erica@ericasteiner.com and I'll be happy to schedule a private appointment to see the work.

Cayuga Vault / www.cayugavault.com
1100 Soquel Avenue / Santa Cruz, CA / 831.421.9471


New Website & Blog!


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Be sure to visit the Flash homepage / online gallery space if you haven't already and explore the rest of the site. I hope you will enjoy browsing entries as they are added. Click the contact link in the menu to sign up to be on the mailing list! + Erica .

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