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Root Division 9th Annual Art Auction & Preview Exhibition

Come on down y'all, free opening reception this Saturday night, October 9th; Auction Oct. 21st...this is a great event filled to the rafters with the work of some of the Bay Area's finest talent, benefitting a fabulous organization that does great good in our community. Tickets to the auction are expected to be sold out...get yours soon...


2010 Auction Artwork by (L to R, Top to Bottom) Julie Garner, Kate Stirr, Randall Heath, Seza Bali, Sarah Ratchye, Nadin Sabella, Mary Ann Kluth, Susie Grant, Lisa Espenmiller, Katie Dorame, Erica Steiner, Scott Tsuchitani, Christopher Reiger, Timothy Berry, Melissa Hutton, Jessalyn Haggenjos

Proceeds benefit local emerging artists, and our free after school art classes for Bay Area youth. 

SAVE THE DATE for an evening of good company, friendly competition, and a chance to support artists & arts education in San Francisco. This Art Auction will present an eclectic mix of quality artwork from over 125 established and emerging local artists. Its a wonderful chance to throw your hand in the air and take home something inspiring but affordable.

6:30-7:30 pm: VIP Reception - Includes early viewing and bidding, complimentary appetizers by Alegria & EOS, specialty cocktails by Rye and MatrixFillmore, live music by Classical Revolution, and a limited-edition screen-printed tote filled with goodies and gifts!
7:30-10:00 pm: Regular Admission/ Silent Auction.  Live Music by DJ Chas Gaudi of Shellac Shack.
8:15 pm: Live Auction begins with Bonhams & Butterfields auctioneer Wes Sparling
Live Auction sponsored by:


Seza Bali
Oana Barac-Matei
Lily Martine Baxter
Timothy Berry
Sita Kuratomi Bhaumik
Lisa K. Blatt
Jan Blythe
Nicholas Bohac
Pegan Brooke
Jamie Brunson
Amy Cancelmo
John Casey
Elizabeth Cayne
Matthew Cella
Iris Charabi-Berggren
Martha Chong
Jon Casey Clary
Angie Crabtree*
Pablo Cristi
Seth Curcio*
Mel Davis
Adam Whitney Day
Dean Dempsey
Katie Dorame
Claire Droney
Amy Ellingson
Andrew English
Lisa Espenmiller
Laureano Faedi
Marcela Florez
Selene Foster
Peter Foucault
Matthew Frederick
Joel D. Frudden
Mariana Garibay
Julie V. Garner
Jeffrey Glossip
Brett Goodroad
Susie Grant
Adam Green
Alex Greenburg
Scott Greenwalt
Sarah Haba
Jessalyn Haggenjos
Joanne Hashitani
Randall Heath
Dana Hemenway*
Julie Henson
Michael Hession*
Amy M. Ho
Nif Hodgson
Justin Hoover
Melissa Hutton
Raymie Iadevaia
Clint Imboden
Kelly Falzone Inouye
Rachael Jablo
Claire Jackel
Jeremiah Jenkins
Ara H. Jo*
Robin Johnston
Ryan Jones
Erin Kellgren
Patricia K. Kelly
Matt Kennedy
Rebecca Kerlin
Andrew Kleindolph
Mary Anne Kluth
Keira Kotler
Michael Krouse
Katrina Lamb
Paula Levine
Hava Liberman
Vita Litvak*
Mary Lonergan
Cathy Lu*
Kija Lucas*
Whitney Lynn
Lindsey Lyons
Paul Madonna
Michelle Mansour
Kari Marboe
Joan Margolies-Kiernan
Elizabeth McClellan
Andrew McClintock
Molly McCracken Kumar
Dennis McNulty
Conrad M. Meyers II
Masako Miki
Robert Minervini*
Mimi Moncier
Julio Morales
Carson Murdach
Shea Naer
Camilla Newhagen
Haden Nicholl
Jenna North
Billy O'Callahan
Daniel Ochoa
Scott Polach
Mel Prest
Sarah Ratchye
Christopher Reiger*
Meghann Riepenhoff
Philip Ringler
Chris Ritson
Walter Robinson
Matt Rogers
Tim Roseborough
Aaron Rosenstreich
Maja Ruznic
Nadim Sabella
Justin Schuetz
Owen Schuh*
Constance Smith
Susan Lynn Smith
Heather Sparks
Erica Steiner
Kate Stirr*
Lisa Stoneman
James Tantum
Kevin E. Taylor
Mitch Temple
Chris Thorson
John Torrente
Kristen Tradowsky
Ian Treasure
Chris Treggiari*
Scott Tsuchitani
Jessica Tully
Aldo Valdez*
Paulina Velazquez
Mr. Ben Venom
Camille Verboort
Hannah Pearl Walcott
Brian Wasson
Serena Wellen
Nancy Willis
Anna Zusman
*Root Division Resident Artist


For more info or in-kind sponsorship opportunities, call 415-863-7668 or email auction@rootdivision.org

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